Intrinsically safe high speed doors

A safe choice

Safest high speed roll up doors in the industry

Extremely safe high speed doors

DYNACO flexible high speed roll-up doors have a soft and leightweight door curtain free of rigid elements. When the curtain hits a person, product or vehicle it simply folds around this obstacle. No damages or injuries will be caused.

Optional devices such as radars and sensors can automate the opening and closing cycle of our doors, in order to prevent accidents and collisions with incoming and outgoing vehicles.


Protect people and goods

DYNACO high performance doors are not only safe for people.
They also protect stored goods, machinery and equipment.

Wind, bad weather, humidity, extreme temperatures, dust and dirt are kept outside your building. These elements do not get a chance to damage your infrastructure.


A DYNACO high performance door adapted to your requirements

State of the art technology and materials, combined with our extensive experience, make DYNACO high performance doors a very safe choice.

Our high speed doors are designed to perform day in day out to the same quality standards of speed, safety, energy and cost efficiency. 
Thanks to the use of innovative technologies a long lifetime is enabled and need for maintenance reduced.

With a wide range of high performance doors for inside or outside use in every industry we offer you innovative entrance solutions.

A DYNACO High Performance Door helps to optimize your workflow, assure timely deliveries and protect your personnel, equipment and goods.