Improve production and logistic activities with a high speed roll up door

Medium sized high speed roll up door for interior use
An ideal high speed roll up door for industry and logistics
Roll up door with flexible door curtain without rigid elements ensures safety
Superior seal around the roll up door helps to save energy
Advanced push-pull technology ensures a fast roll up door cycle
DYNACO M2 COMPACT high speed roll up door
Interior high speed roll up door
DYNACO M2 COMPACT interior high speed door

Enables smooth traffic flows

The medium sized DYNACO M2 COMPACT is an ideal interior high speed door suited for industrial and logistic activities. Its fast operating speed enables smooth traffic of goods, materials and personnel.

Powered by advanced push-pull technology, this fast roll up door needs little maintenance and is designed for a long lifetime. Down-time is minimized thanks to the self-reinserting flexible door curtain.

Saves energy

The superior seal and the fast cycle of the high speed door keep draught, humidity, dust and dirt our of your premises. Install a DYNACO M2 COMPACT door and you will benefit from lower energy costs and improved working conditions.

Free of rigid elements in the curtain, this high speed roll up door is safe for your staff and equipment. It will cause no injuries or damages, even when accidentally hit by a person or vehicle.