Install this high speed door in places where aesthetics and sealing are important

The slimmest high speed roll up door in the market
Roll up door can be installed in places where space is limited
Improve your customer's shopping experience with a roll up door
Motor incorporated in the drum above the high speed door
Low friction side guides ensure silent operation of the roll up door
Easy to clean smooth roll up door curtain
DYNACO D-313 roll up door with printed door curtain
High speed roll up door used in the retail sector
DYNACO D-313 roll up door used in a supermarket
Decorate a high speed door with product pictures
High speed door with space saving design
DYNACO D-313 roll up door with transparent vision panels
Put a nice print on a DYNACO D-313 high speed door

The slimmest high speed door in the market

The DYNACO D-313 high speed roll up door with compact dimensions and an aesthetic design fits in places where space is limited. Even in a showroom or shop.

Its motor is incorporated in the drum and hidden behind black shells. Combined with drum and side guide covers in aluminum color or a color of your choice, this results into a stunning appearance.

Suited for a showroom or a shop

The flexible PVC door curtain of the high speed roll up door can be printed with pictures of your products or promotions, improving the shopping experience of your customers. Free of any rigid elements in the curtain, this high speed door is intrinsically safe.

Thanks to its fast cycle and tight seal the roll up door enables energy savings, smooth traffic flows and improved employee comfort.  It protects your environment against draught, humidity, dust and dirt and requires little maintenance.