Dynaco S-549 Atex Category 2 Power

Exterior high speed roll up door for explosion sensitive environments

Dynaco S-549 Atex Category 2 Power high speed door

For use in potentially explosive atmospheres

In order to avoid sparks due to the build-up of static electricity, the Dynaco S-549 Atex Category 2* Power high speed door, has a complete stainless steel structure. All synthetic parts are made of antistatic or electrical conductive materials. Therefore, this high speed door for outside applications, can be safely used in explosion sensitive environments.

Furthermore the high speed door is equipped with a standard earth kit, providing extra protection against static electricity. Thanks to all these characteristics, this high speed door is officially approved by Apragaz. This is an official inspection authority for equipment used in potentially explosive atmospheres.

Safe in every aspect

The Dynaco S-549 Atex Category 2* Power high speed door has a flexible curtain without rigid elements, making it safe for staff and equipment.  Even when accidentally hit by a person or vehicle, it will cause no injuries or damages.

Side reinforcements and a superior seal render the high speed door wind resistant up to wind load class 4, according to European standards. Therefore this high speed door is excellent for outside use. It protects your infrastructure and equipment against bad weather and strong wind.

* Category 3 version also available. Product sheets upon request.